Brain Wash

Sometimes, our brains behave in a totally crazy way. They can connect things that are not relevant to each other and prove that the connection is logical! Sometimes, something really creative appears from such a synthesis. Sometimes, they are just strange and absurd. In this game, you are going to find out all the capacities of your strange brain – stop following the rules and get outside of the box! Are you ready to start the most insane puzzle in your life? Here you go!
If you have no idea where to get new thinking habits and change the way you usually do that, then this game is for you. The puzzles you will find here ruin all the stereotypes and encourage you to invent solutions that are not obvious and never lay on the surface. The game won’t accept answers that come to your mind faster than all the rest – you will have to sort all possible variants in your head until you find the best one. Learn to surprise yourself with Brain Wash – this cool puzzles collection will definitely change your habits to better! It is creative and interesting, so get ready to feel yourself like a real smart guy after you deal with all the challenges and perceive yourself in a brand new light! Enter the game right now and have fun washing your brain!

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