Clue Hunter

You are a private detective hired by a lady. She is pretty sure that her husband is cheating on her, but you are the one to investigate the case, find out the truth, and… get some crispy green dollars for your tedious work! Prove that this guy is a cheater and his wife will reward you. This cool game will keep you entertained all the time, because it is humorous, interesting, and extremely diverse. What is waiting for you in the next scene? God only knows, so be ready for everything and especially for something funny and even a bit ridiculous. Are you a really good and smart detective? Are you attentive to the details? Play the game and you will find out.
Stay alarmed all the time and never rely on the visibility: things are not always the way them seem. Try not to concentrate your attention on a single detail, but at the whole picture, like a real cool detective does. When you mind all the important details, the situation becomes clearer to you and you are more likely to find the truth! Each level will have a number of answers and only one of them is correct. Answer smartly to catch the cheater and make these pitiful relationships end. In case you will fail to find the clue, the poor woman will continue suffering and you just cannot allow this to happen. When you deal with adulteries, more advanced and serious tasks will appear. The stakes are high, will you manage to solve all the cases?

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