DOP 2: Delete One Part

Delete One Part of DOP 2 is a great series of challenging and exciting puzzles. They are creative and extremely funny, so you will definitely have a great time playing this cool title. Absolutely fresh way of solving puzzles is waiting for you – master new skills and become smarter! The riddles offered by DOP require your imagination, creativity, and intellect. On every stage of the game there is a task to solve and the main instrument you have is an eraser. When you erase one part of the picture, make sure that it solves the issue. The game will state questions and your task is to realize which elements needs to be removed in order to answer those questions.
For example, there is a bride and it seems like she is hiding something! What is her secret? Erase a part of her white skirt and you will see that she forgot to shave her legs and put on funny pants! What a shame! Or else – you see a balloon and a cactus, both crying. Their neighbors make them really sad, since these guys just don’t match – the balloon doesn’t want to touch the cactus and pop, while the prickly one hates hurting things! What would you erase to release the balloon and make both of them smile? And there is a huge amount of such tasks here, so you will definitely have a great time dealing with them all. Enjoy the full version of the game right here!

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