DOP: Draw One Part

DOP: Draw One Part is a funny and interesting puzzle game, that will fresh your brain up and make you smile! You will definitely feel yourself like an artist and a great puzzle-solver at the same. The riddles encourage you to look carefully at the picture and find out which element is missing. In most cases, this is a crucial detail and the whole image doesn’t make sense without it. Surprisingly, this element is not always obvious – you might find the questions tricky! Sometimes, the game asks visual questions about simple daily things, but in some cases the complicated puzzles require knowledge of cultural phenomena and unobvious facts. The witty and engaging combination of brain teasers and drawing won’t leave you indifferent! What is more, we bet that you will find out something new after dealing with these puzzles – there are so many exciting things you may not know! Have fun with Draw One Part online – the game is available on this page! It’s 100% free!

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