Draw Coliseum

Here comes the epic war of spinners, so are you ready? You will control a spinner on the battlefield, where your opponent will try to defeat you. Prove that you are the best! To make your spinner move following the right trajectory, you need to draw it first. Gran a pencil and draw the line – your tool will follow the route you create. Also, you can draw other elements, like blades to crush your enemies. The outcome of the battle and your success depend on your imagination and creativity – the more ways to fight you invent, the better. Impress your rivals and make moves they don’t expect. The new era of spinning, fighting, and drawing puzzles start with Draw Coliseum, a truly impressive combination of all these elements that will definitely make you amused! Ready to start?
Finally, your drawing skills will become your strongest side and you will apply them to win! Crush the other spinners and enjoy the competition where the smartest artist wins. When you deal with an enemy, the game rewards you with cash, so you can use it to buy upgrades. They include speed-boosters, power, and special ink to draw the blades. Get through all the matches successfully, prove your superiority, and be a champion. What is more, you can win various bright skins for your spinners to look really great on the battleground. There are numerous secret items to receive, so play smartly and upgrade your spinner to win all the prizes and beat all the rivals down!

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