Draw Joust

Draw an ultimate war machine with your own hands and defeat all of the rivals! You will meet numerous war machine drivers on the field and each of them will have something to boast of – cool weapons, nice kart, speed, etc. Will you manage to beat them all down? Yes, only if you will find the way to create the mightiest and deadliest constructions. To make up a masterpiece, you have simple balls for the corpus, wheels to make it move, and numerous weapons to stab and shoot your opponents. Among the weapons you will find axes, cannons, swords, spears, and more. You can hang them on you war machine and make all the enemies shiver from fear! Enjoy dozens of configurations, numerous diverse arenas, and endless opponents to fight with! We bet that you will find this game exciting – it is amusing to play for hours, because you never know what your next rival will set against you!

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4 Stars
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