Just Draw 2

Have you been looking for the best puzzle to tease and train your brain? Congratulations, you have already found one! This is Just Draw and we welcome you to immerse yourself into the world of creativity, storytelling, and puzzle-solving. As you have already guessed from the name of the game, this is a drawing game, where the participants are offered to make up images. You don’t have to draw it from scratch – instead, you will get pictures that are missing something. You will definitely guess that they are incomplete and there is something you must add. What is that? In each case, you need to find the answer to this question. In the first part of the game, you had to deal with numerous interesting stories, helping people on the images. Now you are welcome to continue!
This is the second part of Just Draw, a great puzzle game for creative puzzle-solvers! This means that more amazing tasks are waiting for you here and each of them is fresh and unique. They never repeat and you have to find the new answer each time you pass the previous challenge. The second part depicts situations where your role is truly god-like – make sure to guess what exactly is not here, but should be. This might be anything. For example, you see a person that is wearing particular clothes and has a certain style. Let’s say, this is a serious businessman in a suit, holding a pack of documents, and looking at you with confidence. Do you think he misses moustache? Maybe! Or else – you can see a person that is experiencing some kind of a trouble. Let’s say, it is a boy or a girl, suffering from the sun rays that are extremely hot. Or maybe, they are standing under the rain and getting wet. What would you give them to improve the situation? An umbrella would be a perfect shelter! And there are hundreds of such tasks in Just Draw. The developers never lack the ideas, so you will be amazed how many engaging tasks they have prepared for you in the second part. In case you didn’t play the first one, hurry up and check it out – you can find it on our website, as well! All puzzles are free and available online!

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