Just Draw Drawing Puzzles

Drawn characters on the images are looking for some help! They need you to assist them, since they are in trouble. Just Draw puzzles present numerous situations and it is up to you to solve them all. Get creative and be witty – the tasks are not always simple and obvious! Which object is missing here? Would you like to add something to make the image ideal? Is there some task a character cannot complete? Think carefully and add the elements that will finish the pictures. This might be a girl that is getting wet under the rain, so something you should draw for her is an umbrella – she really needs a shelter. You may meet the character shivering from cold – draw the sun to make him/her warm! The number of interesting teasers here is pretty huge, so you will definitely have a great dealing with them. The level of puzzles will increase and maybe sometimes you will need some help – if so, ask for the hints and the game will guide you to the right answer. Drawing puzzles have never been that interesting and funny!
The levels are all diverse and thought-out perfectly – well-crafted and smart, they will challenge you for sure. Even if you are not very good at drawing, that’s not a problem. The game doesn’t require any artistic skills, since the main thing here is your smartness! The answers can be drawn schematically and the game will recognize the shape, since it includes an advanced algorithm that can detect doodles, sketches, and pictures easily. In a word, the game will test and improve your creative, puzzle-solving, witty, and artistic skills! The addictive mechanics and simple controls can keep you tuned for hours – it is so simple to draw here on the screen of your smartphone. Numerous cool tasks are waiting for you and each of them is original, while the answers can be different, so you are not restricted. Enter the game and find all the missing parts! There is no need to be perfect, when you draw in Just Draw. Just relax, make your pencil move slightly, and have fun. Pictures speak better than words – make the stories look complete and amusing after your artistic touch. Have fun and enjoy the series of cool tasks!

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