Scribble Rider

Do you want to enjoy drawing, puzzles, and speed? Well, then welcome to Scribble Rider, a real masterpiece for everyone ready for challenges. An incredibly addictive and exciting title where you will own an amazing four-wheeler and ride through the lands – dangerous and stuffed with tricky obstacles! The game will definitely help you to kill time with fun: it has simple mechanics, clear objectives, great visuals, and nice concept. The four-wheeler has traditional wheels, but you are an artist that can change them considering the obstacles and the road ahead. To change the shape, you just need to draw other wheels!
The challenges in the game are crazy and interesting – you will have to invent the most suitable shapes of the wheels every time you get to another level. As such, they can be anything: circles, triangles, quadrates, and even stars. Numerous obstacles are waiting for you, so there is a need to adapt your vehicle every time and make sure that it will get through the barriers, no matter how unusual they are. You can depict the wheels of different sizes and shapes and they will help you get through the lakes, woods, high palisades, mountains, icy hills, and more. The game includes so many of them that you will get excited!

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3 Stars
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